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Intercoms in the event communication is a communication system which is similar to a telephone system. It allows different users to communicate with each other via portable or fixed stations. The communication is full duplex instead, i.e. all participants can hear and talk at the same time. There are different intercom systems from different manufacturers, the simple distinction is the use of the systems and the possibility of transmission:


Intercomsystems "Partyline"

A party-line intercom system is the simplest system, a "plug 'n play" system which is configured, and clear with little effort. To the basic components always include a master station as the center, table or portable stations "beltpack" for each participant and matching headsets for beltpacks. The number of master stations depends on the number of required channels, and the number of users. Partyline systems are typically used in up to 6 call groups with 10 participants. All participants hear a talking circle all calls that are routed via this channel - individual meetings are not possible in a party-line system.

With the help of interfaces the channels can be connected to other communication systems such as two-way radios or wireless intercom systems.

The most common application of these systems are in theaters, concerts, television shows and OB vans productions and exhibition stands.

Our party line systems are compatible with ASL and axxent, ClearCom, Telex, RTS and Riedel.


Intercomsystems "Digital"

Digital intercom systems are more complex and offer more features like a party-line system. The central core of a digital intercom system is a computer-based matrix, similar to a server. All intercom units like table stations, wall stations and "portable" beltpack for each user will be connected to this matrix. Digital intercom systems offer the advantage that individual participants can be addressed individually and the participants can talk in various circles of communication.

The matrix can be coupled via an interface to a PBX, so that phone calls can be carried out by individual participants. Other interfaces offer the possibility to integrate wireless two-way radios or wireless intercom systems.

On the coupling of several matrices great communication systems can be realized with several thousand participants.

These systems are used for large events, concerts, TV shows, OB vans and booths.

Our digital intercom system is from ASL and compatible with axxent, ClearCom, Telex, RTS and Riedel.


Intercomsystems "Wireless"

Often users such as stage technicians and directors need to be connected on the stage with kabelos partyline or digital intercom system. For this application, there are wireless intercom systems, which can easily be integrated into any type of wired intercom systems.

We offer wireless intercom systems into two categories:


  • Fullduplex-Systems - a wireless system where users can listen and talk to an wired intercom at the same time. These systems consist of a master station and a limited number of pocket transmitters (belt packs). The range of such systems is limited to max. 500m line of sight.

    Our rental fleet offers full-duplex systems from Telex, Vokkero ®, 3M/Peltor

  • Semiduplex-Systems - these radio intercom solutions can have unlimited numbers of users - all participants constantly hear the conversations of the intercom channel and able to speak by pressing a button. The systems consist of a radio interface and corresponding number of radios. The range of semi-duplex systems is significantly higher than with full-duplex systems. A line of sight is not required.

    Our rental fleet provides semi-duplex systems of MOTOROLA.