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The spoken word is essential in the transmission of information: whether in a small group of people or in large groups. At work or sightseeing tours, bus or boat travels, interpreters or assistive listening or training - the optimal communication with your guests is essential.

For hearing assistance in these application examples Tour Guide Systems will be used.

There are numerous systems of different manufacturers on the market. One of the most advanced systems in terms of reliability, robustness and ease of use is the tour guide system Synexis from Beyerdynamic.

Not least the large spectrum of possible applications and the wide range of accessories have convinced us for this system:

Tour groups

Through personal tour guides for the individual experience for your guests. With the visitor management system Synexis several groups can participate independently at the same time guides. Every visitor can individually adjust its volume. For visitors with hearing aids, the sound can be transmitted through an induction loop directly to their own hearing aid.



Interpreting system

Our Synexis can be used as interpreting system for two applications:

In the context of interpreting technology Synexis is used for wireless transfer of foreign languages at the conference. Participants simply select the channel for their language.

Whispered Synexis is used as a mobile whispering. Here offers individually adjustable muting the transmitter optimal working conditions for interpreters.


Hearing aids for hearing assistance system in public institutions

Accessible listening in schools, churches, cinemas, theaters and stadiums made easy: With the Synexis wireless assistive listening system for the contribution is acoustically amplified.


Instead of the handset also induction loops for hearing aids can be used with induction coils. With Synexis as hearing aids plant at events you will always understand every word.

Command system for effective training

Everywhere training content to be communicated, Synexis is your perfect companion:

Whether equestrian sport, the rowing, the dog exercise area, the driver training area or at briefings to large and noisy machines - with Synexis as a command system, the coach's instructions and experts are also understood over long distances and the exercises can be optimally implemented.

Transmission system for live comments for the visually impaired

Provide for equal rights and close any fans.

Through special live comments can visually as follow the action at sporting events and thereby participate directly in the atmosphere in the stadium.

With the wireless transmission system Synexis Comments are transferred safely and with optimum speech intelligibility to the visitors.