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The easiest way to communicate with each other at events, are two way radios. We have different models for different applications in stock. Whether a test drive abroad, a set of radios for the catering staff or a complete wireless network for the Open Air concert - we have the right solution for all areas.

The Advantages of radios against the cellphone are:


  • Faster call setup
  • Longer operation time
  • Any number of participants can communicate with each other
  • Simple & more flexible
  • Two-Way radios do not require a wireless network
  • Two-Way radios use costs no monthly fees
  • Better indoor and outdoor range


In addition to hand-held portable radios, we also offer mobile devices - commonly known as car radios. The areas of application and technical details, see the respective section.

For larger events, we provide complete radio networks with a high number of voice and data channels. Whether a simple analog radio system in the UHF or VHF frequency range, or a digital trunked radio system for DMR or TETRA radios - we offer the right solution. More information about the individual systems can be found in section DMR radio systems and TETRA radio systems.